Cope With Fitness online Coaching

Ever since I started Cope With Fitness something in me just lite up, I worked hard every day of every week to grow the online fitness 

the company, which at the time wasn't really well known, so I got a lot of "how does this work" questions. Now it's a very big industry, most people in the fitness world are doing online training, to me its not a job though, it's more of my passion. I knew from the beginning that I didn't want to grow Cope With Fitness into my main source of income, mainly because I didn't want that joy that I felt while doing it to go away. Now I'm a full-time student in college, I cant take on the number of clients I use to, doesn't mean I don't want to take on clients, so I'm taking on 15 clients and they all get a month at $40 dollars to see if CWF online coaching will work for them or not, this deal will go on until I have 15 full time committed client. If you'rer interested in this deal sign up or book ur free online consultation right away!